Living conditions for many women and children in Cambodia are harsh with little chance for improvement. Education is the key.


Cambodian Legal Education for Women (CLEW) is a registered charity which has been organized and funded by the Canadian law firm of Bennett Gastle PC. CLEW’s mission is education. CLEW supports young women in Cambodia each year through a four year university law degree. Each student educated has the capacity to help many more women and improve women’s rights within Cambodia. 100% of all donations go directly to CLEW. Bennett Gastle covers all administrative costs.

These young women would never be able to obtain this education without aid. You can provide a wonderful opportunity to help them and their families escape the cycle of poverty.

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The life of one of CLEW’s students, Soth Suon.

A glimpse at what life is like at the CLEW dorm.

A CLEW student’s story of poverty and the chance to make a change.

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A video about how CLEW is empowering the young women of Cambodia to bring about change through the means of education.

A CLEW graduate’s work in northern Cambodia to protect indigenous land title.

A special thanks to PokerStars for allowing CLEW to use this excerpt from the 2015 PCA Main Event.

A film by LexisNexis to promote the Rule of Law in Cambodia.
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